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Curriculum Vitae

Ahmed Saeed Ibrahim

Name: Ahmed Saeed Ibrahim
Nationality: Sudanese
Profession : Lawyer, contracts expert, Arbitrator and legal translator
Address: Khartoum , Sudan
Current employment status Lawyer & Legal advisor
Mobile Telephone: +249912309493

⦁ 1991 Bachelor of Law, Faculty of Law, Benghazi University, Benghazi
⦁ 1993 Bar Exam for law profession, Sudan – Khartoum.
⦁ Post – graduate diploma in legal translation, Bahri University 2013.


⦁ Lawyer before all Sudanese courts since 1995, exercises professional work Without interruption, till present .
⦁ 2002 – to the present, Delegated by the Chief Justice as Public Notary and Commissioner for Oaths.
⦁ Registered as an authorized Arbitrator by Khartoum Arbitration Centre and many other Sudanese arbitration centres.
⦁ Acted as a chairman and a member of many arbitrating Sudanese forms for various disputes.
⦁ Legal Adviser for many Sudanese and foreigners companies , as examples:-
⦁ Alrakb for Transport.
⦁ Great Wall Hotel (A Chinese Investment Corp.).
⦁ Lan Tian Technology Corporation (A Chinese Investment Corp.).
⦁ Zahang for Construction (A Chinese Investment Corp).
⦁ Wei Hai Dongbau for Mining (A Chinese Investment Corp.) .
⦁ Other National Companies.
My main duties:
Legal duties:
⦁ Providing consultancies in all legal issues.
⦁ Attending court’s sessions, first appearances and hearing sessions.
⦁ Drafting contracts.
⦁ Registering, establishing, and liquidatingcompanies, registering: trade mark brand, partnerships, and other legal entities.
⦁ Registering lands and solving all related disputes.
⦁ Drafting petitions, appeals and all legal memorandums and submitted it to the first instancecourt, court of appeal, Supreme Court, constitutional court and concerned authorities.
⦁ Translating the legal documents from English to Arabic and vice versa.
Managerial duties:
⦁ Leading my legal team in my private law firm. I am in charge of organizing the legal work of the team, which includes distributing the duties, providing the guidance, and follow up with team to ensure that the duties are performed perfectly and in timely manner.
⦁ Facilitating my foreign clients meetings with their disputing parties, and carry out translation duties.
⦁ Representing the chairman of Sudanese Bar association in Khartoum province, and carry out all his professional duties according to the delegation that I have from him .

⦁ Taxation Institute, a training Programme on Tax Inspection and Companies Auditing.
⦁ Session of the executive leadership of the Sudan Academy of Sciences of administrative.
⦁ Khartoum Centre for Arbitration, (an English Language) Training Programme on Arbitration, 6 – 9 December 2010.
⦁ Khartoum Centre for Arbitration, (an Arabic) Training Programme on Arbitration, 26 – 29 September 2011.
⦁ Courseof Englishfor legal purposes- University of Khartoum- Faculty of Arts
⦁ English language course at Islamic Institute of Translation – Faculty of Extra Mural Studies.


Fluent in Arabic as a mother tongue & English language.
Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.
Membership and Affiliation to a Professional Associations:___________
⦁ Sudanese bar Association membership since 1995 till present.

⦁ Executive Office Member of the Sudanese- Libyan Brotherhood Society in Khartoum.
⦁ Representative of the chairman of Sudanese bar association in south Khartoum to the term 2014 – 2016.

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